Edge Details


For a dramatic look, choose an edge detail for your custom hardwood wide plank floor. Choosing an edge detail emphasizes the width(s) you have chosen and will differentiate the planks that have been installed.

Having an edge detail is also a great option when thinking about future finish touch-ups. If there was excessive amount of wear/tear in a certain area of the floor or if any boards needed to be replaced, for example if a water leak occurred, this allows the flooring installer to focus on the board(s) that need to be refinished or replaced. Whereas if a square edge floor would have been chosen, the entire floor would need to be refinished.


When you opt out of a square edge floor, you have three options of edge details for your custom wood floor: micro-bevel, soft scrape, and hard scrape. The edge detail will be added to all sides of each plank unless otherwise specified by the customer.

When you order an edge detail for your custom wood floor, a pre-sanded face will be included! When your wood floor includes a pre-sanded face, a drum sand should not be completed at the time of installation, but rather a buff, so that the edge detail is not minimized.

Square Edges

Each plank on a square edged floor fits together flushed on all four sides. Depending on the type of floor chosen, you may not notice the transition from one board to another.

This is a great option when looking for a more modern look!

Micro-bevel Edges

A micro-bevel edge detail is completed by a machine and is a uniform look. This is the smallest detail we have to offer for your custom wood floor.

This edge detail is often chosen when a customer wants an edge detail but is looking for a more modern floor. If you are concerned with the cleaning aspect of your floor, this is a great option as well, especially if you prefer to sweep rather than vacuum.

Soft Scrape Edges

A soft scrape edge detail is the next step up from a micro-bevel edge. This edge detail is completed by hand, so it has a varied look on all four sides of the wood plank.

If the micro-bevel edges are too modern, this is a great option when looking for a more rustic look!

Hard Scrape Edges

The hard scrape edge is also completed by hand, and is even more varied and rustic compared to the soft scrape edge. This is the most dramatic edge detail.

This is a great option for textured wood floors that have band sawn, circle skip sawn, or an original face!

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